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We offer bespoke web and mobile development tailored to your business needs, with cutting-edge Blockchain and AI solutions that drive growth and unlock opportunities.
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Achieve Your Goals with Our High-Impact Services

We help with

These services may include software development, project management, consulting, and other related services that aim to deliver tangible results and provide a competitive advantage to clients.

UI/UX Design

Simplify your digital journey with our expert UI/UX design services. Our team creates designs that are both beautiful and functional, delivering a seamless and engaging user experience that captures your audience's attention.

Web Development

Our team works with a variety of front-end and back-end technologies, CMS, including WordPress, and specializes in major eCommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify.

Mobile Apps Development

Our team specializes in both native app development and Flutter, delivering customized solutions that are tailored to your unique business needs.

Smart Contracts Development

Maximize the power of your smart contracts with our expert team. We specialize in Solidity and Hardhat, delivering customized solutions that enhance functionality and efficiency.

Full Stack DApps Development

Transform your business with our expert DApps development for EVM blockchains. Our full-stack team offers end-to-end services that are customized to your unique needs, unlocking the potential of blockchain technology for your business.

AI & Machine Learning Development

Unlock the potential of AI and machine learning with our expert team. We specialize in openAI's GPT integration and Firebase ML to deliver custom solutions that boost your business's innovation and efficiency.

Competitive rates and pricing for superior service

Our expertise spans both outsourcing and outstaffing

For software development services, outsourcing and outstaffing are two common business strategies used to hire external companies or individuals to perform certain tasks, rather than having an in-house team.


  • Access to specialized expertise and skills

  • Opportunity to work with established teams and companies

  • Flexibility to scale resources up or down as needed

  • Lower management overhead

  • Limited control over project management and team dynamics

  • May have less transparency into the development process

  • Communication and collaboration may be more challenging

  • May have less ownership of the project and deliverables

  • May have higher costs due to additional overhead and management fees

Hourly flat rate
from $40/hour
Billed every month


  • High level of control over project management and team dynamics

  • Clear communication and collaboration with the team

  • Access to highly skilled talent without long-term hiring commitments

  • High level of ownership over the project and deliverables

  • Lower overall cost compared to outsourcing

  • Require more management and oversight

  • Require more time and effort to assemble a team

  • Require more time to ramp up and begin development

  • Require more effort to establish company culture and team dynamics

Monthly static payment
from $2000/month
Billed every month